A downloadable Student game for Windows

Untitled is a side scrolling shooter where the player must travel through the desert on the day of the eclipse hunting the animals of the Australian outback. 

This game was as part of an assessment where we were tasked with taking a randomly assigned  artists style, tone or themes and adapting it to Moon Patrol. 

The artist I assigned was Lee Bontecou. 


I chose to adapt the tone/ theme of nature vs man made that is present throughout her sculptures as well as taking the iconic black hole from all her works and turning into an eclipse.  

A series of dev diaries written throughout the 4 week project development can be found here : kellmacartneyciustudentblog.wordpress.com

The Music for this project was created specifically for this project by Declan Delaney, check out his soundcloud below!


Art: Kell Macartney

Programming: Kell Macartney

Sound: audio assets found at https://freesound.org/home/ and edited using audacity. 

Music: Declan Delaney  


Install instructions

Download and play 


Untitled.exe 635 kB